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By KL Shandwick


Genre | Trope: Contemporary Romance | Rockstar Romance | Broody Rock Star | Alpha rockstar


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For years, bad boy, Levi Milligan battled his inner demons.

Childhood trauma and a selfish, uncaring father left Levi vulnerable to forming relationships which eventually caused him shame.

His fans had no idea, all they saw was the rock star they idolized, living a life of excess.


When a narrow escape makes him realize he could only be one thoughtless mistake away from losing it all, Levi heads to rehab.


When he remerges back into his familiar rock music world some scars remain from his secret past.


Levi resolves to change his ways, but when past relationships threaten to overwhelm him, will his choices be better this time?



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My ARC Review:

The second book in this PulseTunes Rock Gods series, with the front man of the Screaming Shadows, Levi, coming to terms with his past, confronting his demons, and finding his one and only.

Levi is the singer in the Screaming Shadows, the best friend of Jude, the drummer in the same band and who book 1 was based on, who has had a lot to live through growing up and then turning into the rockstar that he is. Life has been full of ups and downs, he has treated his women badly, and got to used to drinking. He went into rehab for a stint and has come back fitter and healthier with a change in his ways and attitude. A fateful meeting with a woman from his past on the beach will change his world in lots of ways…..

Trinnie can’t believe her luck when she spots Levi on the beach, the Adonis figure of a man rising out of the water and walking away. She has always had a thing for him, even at school she knew he was destined for bigger things. But she has changed so much, will he even recognize her…..

Trinnie has just come out of a bad divorce and has a young daughter to look after, as well a successful realtor business to keep running. She isn’t looking for a relationship, but seeing Levi is an opportunity too good to miss.

These two were just brilliant together, she is just what Levi needed to ground him and support him, and she can’t believe that Levi would even look twice at her, being the rockgod he is – but their chemistry and the attraction they feel is off the charts, but they are determined to try and be friends first before anything else even develops, which proves difficult when they are both lusting after each other.

This is a definite rollercoaster of a ride as they learn about each other and have lots of obstacles in their way, from stalker ex-girlfriends to horrid manipulative people from their pasts to contend with, each will test their bonds of trust and friendship, but this is where you also find out just who you’re friends are as the band members show their loyalty, friendship and support for their members.

This was a great read, raw and gritty, confrontational and emotional – it was lovely watching Levi and Trinnie grow to become friends and more, the support they gave to one another and to those around them was wonderful to watch.



About KL Shandwick:

K.L. Shandwick is an international bestselling author of over twenty-five novels. She mainly writes New Adult, Contemporary Romance, and Romantic Suspense stories. Her writing is inspired by imperfect people, each striving to carve out their own piece of happiness from life. Her emotional novels have gained a loyal following for her ‘real to life’ characters who sometimes face challenges in their quest for love. Many readers have fallen for her book boyfriends, and when K.L. isn’t writing, she lives in the English countryside with her husband and enjoys live music events and socializing with friends.

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