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Dirty Beasts #2

Jasinda Wilder









We are the cast-offs, the forgotten, the broken; we are dark, dangerous men haunted by our violent pasts.

The Guardian collects us, rehabilitates us, and gives us a new lease on life…if we follow a few, simple rules:

Once you’re in, there’s no going back; never take a life; loyalty to the brotherhood above all.

Then, I meet HER. She’s everything I’m not, and she’s determined to save me from my own past, even as I save her from her present.







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My ARC Review:

Wow, book 2 in this Dirty Beasts series and I’m loving it! This is definitely one of those books I couldn’t put down once I had started – very addictive reading, which starts quite slow and sweet, but blimey when it gets going it’s hot enough to melt your kindle!

Kane has left his Broken Arrow buddies back at Club Sin, after his brother Rev appeared with his new girl – she reminds him of someone from his past, and the guilt and hurt he feels around her is building, so he takes himself away for a while, on the road on his bike.

Anjalee is the daughter of a billionaire Indian mogul, their family is very traditional and she has been raised like a princess, wanting for nothing, yet having nothing for herself as everything was provided by her father or his goons. She has no concept of the real world, never having bought anything herself, has no real friends, never even picked her own food to eat. Her only escape from her ‘tower’ was travelling to a restaurant of her father’s choosing. Now she is being forced into an arranged marriage to business partner of her father – she has met this man once and does not like the vibes he gives off, and she has told her parents that she will not marry him. So on her wedding day she takes an opportunity to escape by stealing the car she has arrived at her wedding in and driving away. The car runs out of fuel and she is left alone in the desert.

Luckily Kane is nearby and comes to her rescue – he is instantly attracted to her striking beauty and her accent. Anjalee is thoroughly grateful for Kane helping her, but he produces strange feelings in her body, butterflies in her stomach, and strange feelings in personal places. Kane is a gentleman through and through and is determined to keep his hands to himself and help Anj in any way he can.

This is a fantastic read, these two are complete opposites but are fantastic together! It’s wonderful to see Anj learn about the real world and how well and quickly she adapts. Kane is thoroughly smitten with her and when lines are crossed he is determined to show her everything she is missing out on between a man and a woman – some of these scenes will take your breath away, they are that hot!!!!

Anj may know nothing of the world but she has a wonder head on her shoulders and can see that Kane is suffering in some way, and is determined to help him out as much as he is helping her, even though it may cost her his friendship!

A brilliant read, full of emotions, drama, angst, passion – about learning to love and learning to forgive. There are some great appearances from some Badd brothers in here that put a smile on my face! Really loving this series so far, can’t wait to read about the next brother, Chance.




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