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Rewrite the Rules by Kay Cove is the second book in her standalone romance series, and we’re so excited to share a gorgeous excerpt with you!

Title: Rewrite the Rules

Author: Kay Cove

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: September 15th

About Rewrite the Rules:

Adler Haley writes great sex…just not under her name. And certainly not about her experiences—or lack thereof. There’s no safer place to express herself than behind the obscurity of ghostwriting romance novels. By day, Adler’s perfectly content to blend in at her boring nine-to-five as an executive assistant. At least until she meets Joel—her new boss who has her wondering if love at first sight is more than just fiction.


Joel Lewis is convinced that relationships bring out the bad in people. And marriage? The worst. Ask his parents. His siblings. And his ex-girlfriend. Needing a fresh start, Joel trades the Big Apple to take the helm at a struggling venture capitalist firm in Denver. After meeting his new assistant, he has to work overtime to fight his feelings and adhere to the no-relationships policy he’s instated for his life.


Armed with The F-Buddy Rules for Survival, a clever set of guidelines designed to keep their friendship fun and fun only, Adler and Joel find themselves whisked into the most entertaining ‘situationship’ of their lives. But it’s not long before Adler discovers a major issue with the rules—they weren’t meant to protect her from falling in love. They were only ever meant to keep Joel from finding out.


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Exclusive Excerpt:

“I was on my way home and lost my keys. Unless you moved it, my spare is still in the top drawer.” She points to the left side of my desk.

Out? You were out? The thought of Adler out on the town on a Friday night, looking like that, makes my jaw twitch with jealousy. I hate the thought of some other guy drooling over her, but it isn’t my place. I at least find comfort in the fact that she’s here by herself looking for her key to go home…alone.

I open my top desk drawer and only see pens and an ergonomic computer mouse. Trying the drawer on the other side, I find extra cords and chargers. “I don’t see it.”

“It’s taped to the back so it doesn’t come loose,” Adler says as she advances toward me. “Here, let me look.”

I roll my chair backwards to give her room. Adler squats down in front of me and pulls my top left drawer open. Most of her arm disappears as she reaches to the far back of it.

“Aha!” Adler pulls out a single copper key with a piece of tape still attached. She pops back up enthusiastically. Too enthusiastically. She catches the corner of the desk. My whole body tenses as I hear a loud tear rip through the quiet office like a foghorn.

My mouth falls open.

Skin. All I see is smooth, lush…skin.

* * *


I freeze, too scared to assess the damage. But I can feel it. The cool air engulfs the right side of my body, my ribs, my waist, and my bare ass that my thong definitely does not cover. I’m exposed. My dress is split open, in front of my boss, in his office in the middle of the night. Human Resources would have some serious questions and concerns about this.

I have no choice but to play this like a possum. I am going to lie down on the ground right now and pretend to be dead until this whole mess goes away. Humiliation has a temperature and it’s a thousand degrees, hot enough to instantly incinerate me.

This is it, right here. This is how I’m going to die—of embarrassment.

I finally work up the courage to peek at Joel. His eyes soak up my body like it’s the last sight he’ll see before blindness takes him. He scours every inch of my exposure as if he’s in a trance. I am melting underneath his scorching gaze and if this were a man who found me attractive, it’d be our moment. I’d let him rip the rest of this dress off and show me exactly what I’ve been missing out on all these years.

But it’s Joel. Therefore, all I feel is…ridiculous. I tried to kiss him and he said no. So naturally I wait a few weeks and strip half naked in front of him. Clearly, I can take a hint.

I cinch my dress together in one fist. I consider running for the door but I’m the idiot who came out without a coat and I can’t walk home in my thong like this. There’s no amount of binder clips or safety pins that can salvage this dress. I am going to have to make a very awkward call to my friends and somehow explain why I’m half naked in my boss’s office when I was supposed to be on my way home. I can already imagine Quinn’s pursed lips, Reese’s encouraging head bob, and Noa’s hands smacked against her cheeks. See guys…what had happened was…oh shut it. Just come rescue me!

“Um, I’m…sorry…it was an accid—”

Joel’s undressing.

His eyes glue onto mine as he pops button by button free.

About the Author:

Kay Cove writes contemporary romance novels that are sweet and steamy. She loves strong and witty heroines that aren’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with an alpha hero. Her favorite writing weapon of choice? Banter.


Born in Colorado Springs, but raised all over (thanks military!), Kay Cove loves hiking on snow-capped mountains, blowing raspberries on her sons’ super pudgy baby bellies, and heated debates with her husband about topics such as the difference between turtles and tortoises, Marvel trivia, and most importantly—who misplaced the remote.


Kay, a former HR professional (survivor), startup junkie, and former CEO of the teeniest, tiniest virtual assistant company, has been writing pretty much forever. She finally decided at age thirty to start writing the stories she loves to read and to actually share the novels she poured countless hours, tears, sweat, and coffee into.


Connect with the Author:

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