Author Book Signing Event ~ British Book Bash 2022 held in Birmingham






2nd July 2022 held at the Aston Villa Football Ground in Birmingham


This was my third and final author signing for this year, just slightly different for me as I was on crutches suffering from a very badly sprained ankle with tendon and soft tissue damage – but I managed to make slow but steady progress around the venue – lots of authors offered me their seat whilst hobbling around, so thank you all for that.  I did get to say hello to many of the other authors I didn’t get my photo with at this one whilst I was trundling around – quite a few of them I had seen at the previous 2 books signings, but it was lovely to say hello again!


This was a good venue, a little on the small side when everyone got in there, but it was a nice and relaxed atmosphere with plenty of Authors and Vendors to see.  We had a great time, but my ankle knew about it when I got home!  Still very much worth it!






Keep an eye out for a Giveaway post coming soon – all the goodies I picked up to give away from the 3 signings I have been to this year!

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