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The Ghost’s Daughter

The Army Brat Hauntings Book 1

by Cary Herwig

Genre: YA Paranormal









New schools.
New friends.
No money.

Life as an Army Brat is always challenging. Especially when you’re being haunted.

In the summer of 1956, in the midst of the Cold War, Vivien Brewer, army brat, moves with her family to Camp Breckinridge. She and her sister join friends exploring a nearby abandoned hospital. She’s been told not to go there, but the rumors of treasure prove too great a temptation. What she finds is the spectral revenant of a World War II nurse who wants something and expects Vivien to deliver. Soon she’s in mortal danger, and so are her family and friends. If she can’t deliver what the ghost demands, no one is safe.

Vivien tries to get help, but her father and doctor think her hallucinations must be hormonal. Only her mother knows better—because Vivien inherited a gift from her. Refusing to run or hide, Vivien embarks on the greatest adventure of her young life—and quite possibly, the last one.

Close the doors. Shut the blinds. Turn out the lights. This is a book best read after dark. Just make sure no one is peering over your shoulder…






“Sometimes I worry about you,” Mama said.  “You’re so independent and smart.”

“Is that bad?”

“Maybe.  Most men don’t like independent women or smart women.  When a woman is both . . .”  She shrugged.

“You’re smart,” Vivien said.

Mama smiled.  “But your father doesn’t know it.”







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CARY HERWIG is a retired archivist living in Oklahoma.  She grew up as an army brat moving every year or two.  She writes science fiction, fantasy, horror, and mystery under different names and has published both novels and short fiction for several decades.  She lives in Oklahoma with her husband, but gets restless every few years, wondering if it’s time to move again.



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