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So, I first came across the name of K.F. Breene back in January 2016.


I hadn’t long started reading again – I was an avid reader in my teenage years, I always had a book in my hand growing up, mostly horror and sci-fi/fantasy thanks to my older brother’s influence – Dungeons & Dragons in the living room every Thursday night was the highlight of my teenage years!


But life moves on, I got married and had kids, I didn’t find time to do that sort of reading any more, my life had changed, and to be honest picking up a book just never entered into my head.


My eldest daughter dragged me to the cinema to watch Fifty Shades and I started picking up books and reading them after that.  I never knew there was so much more choice to read compared to back when I originally started reading!!


So, back to K.F. Breene – I had always liked my reads a little different, I had started reading more paranormal books, dark books, erotic books……..


I had never heard of K.F. Breene, but her named flashed on phone whilst I was looking for something to read – Darkness Series Box Set Books 1-4 caught my eye, this was my first review for K.F. Breene……



I came across these books by accident and thought I’d give them a go. Thank goodness I did, I’ve not been able to put them down, just brilliant. Not your everyday PNR, the world created is interesting with in depth characters that pull you in and don’t let go. Huge sexy and otherworldly Alpha male Stefan absolutely sizzles with our orphaned human magic user Sasha. Brilliant storyline with mages, witches, demons and shape shifters to mention but a few. Lots of hot sexy scenes throughout, can’t wait to read more of these!



Not much to it really, and I certainly never foresaw just what an impact these books would have on me.  I absolutely adore K.F.’s books, her writing style, her feisty heroines, the sass, the swearing, the one liners, the heat, the passion, the emotions…… her books have grabbed me in a way few others ever had, I read every book she releases now, knowing without a doubt I will love it.


So when this Kickstarter Box came up I couldn’t resist.  She’s not an author I have managed to meet in person yet, hopefully I can change that one day.


Have you read her books???  If not, you seriously want to give them a try, there’s lots to choose from and they are all fantastic!!


I have posted the contents of the Kickstarter Box set below, I have purposely held off posting in the hopes that this does not spoil it for anyone that has not yet received their box…..







Watch the videos of my box opening and it’s contents on my Facebook page…..



Here is my review for Magical Midlife Madness – give it a go and let me know what you think…..



This was an absolute belter of a read, in true K.F. Breene fashion, a heroine after my own heart but not a youngster, a woman who has lived, has wisdom and knowledge of the world, been married, divorced, had a child, been there done that, so what is there left to do?

Jacinda is just such a relatable character, she has real woman flaws, battle scars from her life experiences, yet she is ready to start a new chapter in her life that doesn’t revolve around her family or a man, just something for herself.

She decides to help out a family friend by being the caretaker of an old house she once visited as a kid, one that called to her back then and that she has never forgotten about. Never in her wildest dreams would she have know just how much of an adventure she was about to embark on, discovering a world she never knew existed, mythical creatures and literally dicing with death!

Absolutely loved the story line and the characters you meet, all different and fantastic in their own rights. The story is packed full of suspense, drama and the paranormal complete with K.F.’s wicked sense of humour and sass that will have you howling with laughter throughout at the antics the characters get up to.

I can’t recommend this one enough, a fantastic read that anyone would enjoy, I can’t wait for more in this series!

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