Emmaleigh Wynters & Maddison Cole ~ Haunted by Desire: Finding Love After Death ~ Release Blitz / Teasers / ARC Review

Title: Haunted by Desire
Finding Love After Death
Authors: Emmaleigh Wynters
Maddison Cole
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 31, 2022




His Love For Her Was Alive, Even If He Wasn’t





I never knew there was a life after death.
A world beyond the Veil.
I also never knew I had a stalker, one who watched me from the shadows and vowed to protect me forever.
Or that he died saving me.
Now I’m haunted.
A ghost lingers in the darkness of my sanctuary and I find myself with no escape.
Because you can’t escape the dead, you can’t fight them either.
So afraid, and at his mercy, confusion follows when I come undone for an aspiration. From the feathered kiss of a touch that seeps beneath my skin.
No Straitjacket will stop my ghost from coming for me, or possessing all those who dare to harm me.




I saw her once.
The girl with ocean blue eyes and a problematic smile.
She was a deviant under the surface.
Mischief dwelled within her troublemaker’s heart.
So I decided she’ll be mine.
Only I forgot to tell her that.
I became obsessed and transfixed by her wicked smile.
I hadn’t meant to become her stalker.
But I did.
And I regret nothing.
Trigger Warning – This book contains sensitive content and is not suitable for anybody under the age of 18 years old. There are themes that may be triggering to some readers. The ending of this book is a happy but unique ending. Please be advised to heed this warning and read with caution.




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My ARC Review:

This was my first read by these authors, it looked to be just up my street from the blurb, but what I got was so much more, different from what I was expecting, but a very good, engrossing read that will definitely capture your attention.

Astra is very much a loner, barely able to stand the company of another human being. She has no family, just her tattoo assistant in her shop and her best friend, but even then she struggles to interact with these two sometimes. Strange things keep happening around her, other tattoo parlors have closed down leaving just hers, blue orchids keep getting delivered to her shop addressed to Siren, to name just a couple. She struggles on with her life, managing to keep herself and business afloat, miserable and desperate that she has lost her father and brother, unable to come to terms with not seeing them again.

Hunter is a billionaire, cold and calculating, having risen above his horrid childhood, until he bumps into Astra one day in the bank, and boom, his life is forever changed by her stunning blue eyes. She becomes his obsession in every way, his mission to make her life better, and to eventually make her his. He literally becomes her stalker, changing his whole life around to fit in around watching Astra, he has tattoos done by her but he has not spoken to her and she has not even acknowledged him, yet he is obsessed, watching her every move from the shadows, keeping her safe, until he literally saves her life from an attacker, only to lose his in the process.

His love for her is so strong, it knows no bounds, even in death, he keeps with her, trying his best to help her. His possessiveness in life carries over into his death, he is jealous that he can no longer touch her they way he wanted, and no man is allowed near her. She starts to notice strange things are happening around her as Hunter tries his best to help her in various ways, until an evil presence makes itself known, and Astra is its target.

This was a good read, lots going on in the storyline for you to keep up with. I loved the progression of Hunter and Astra going from literally nothing to everything and beyond. They obviously have a lot of hurdles to overcome, not least of which is that Hunter is dead! A tragic but poignant ending to this story. A different supernatural tale, well worth a read.







Ink & Trouble – Emmaleigh.


Multi-Genre Dark Romance Author. Smutty Rom-Com Romance Author.
A little bit of spice for all of your moods.
Emmaleigh is the Author working under the publishing name Ink & Trouble with the last name… Loader- for her dark/ mc romances.
Wynters- for her dark paranormal/ fantasy romances.
Allen- for her smutty rom-com romances.
Her favorite things are storms, the woods, the sea, and anything witchy!
She loves anything dark and adores loving Alphas and strong women. She’s an avid reader and despite living with disabilities pushes herself to be someone who her family, husband, and sons can be proud of.
She’ll always face her struggles and adversities in the face with a big F you!
Where will you find her?
Under the duvet living her best life! Not because she’s showered in riches but because she finds joy and happiness in all that surrounds her, even when the dark days are enviable.


Free From All Of Reality Where Shadows Fly. Putting the D- In Desire & The F In Fun. Where Dark And Deviance Ignite.


Trigger Warning-
Dark themes and tragic stories. My work will always be on the darker side, with happily-devil-afters. Degrees of dark and tragic vary. Soft to hard. I have no middle ground. There are no boundaries. It’s where the story takes me. Unless it’s a smutty rom-com and then you only have one guarantee, a real good time!
No cheating, my Heroines would eat their Alphas, and then there would be no story.
Know your worth! We’ll love you anyway.
I write funny alphas, paranormal fairy tales, and dark romances for the dark-hearted. Queens in black kicking ass and kings on their knees, worshiping their women and destroying kingdoms.
So my question is, will you take immortality by the hand? XOX- Emmaleigh.




Aside from being a married mum of two, Maddison is a serial daydreamer. As a reader of all romance tropes, from RH to Omegaverse, she finally decided to put pen to paper (finger to keyboard doesn’t sound as poetic) and write her own. Maddison hails from the south east of England, where she enjoys watching musicals, an excessive amount of cheesecake and curling up in bed with a steamy romance novel in hand. Not usually all at once but there’s no judgment here.

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