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An all-new dark standalone romance from the USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Shantel Tessier


I vow. You vow. We vow.

Barrington University is home of the Lords, a secret society that requires their blood in payment. They are above all—the most powerful men in the world. They devote their lives to violence in exchange for power. And during their senior year, they are offered a chosen one.

People think growing up with money is freeing, but I promise you, it’s not. My entire life has been planned out for me. I never got the chance to do what I wanted until Ryat Alexander Archer came along and gave me an option for a better life. He offered me what no one else ever had—freedom.

I chose to be his. He made me believe that anyway, but it was just another lie. A way that the Lords manipulate you into doing what they want.

After being sucked into the dark, twisted world of the Lords, I embraced my new role and allowed Ryat to parade me around like the trophy I was to him. But like all things, what started out as a game soon became a fight for survival. And the only way out was death.

Things to know about The Ritual
It is MF
TRIGGER WARNINGS (Please see the author’s note on the inside)
J/P & OTT Hero (jealous/possessive & over the top)
This is a 150K word dark romance and may contain triggers for some due to sexual situations, language, and violence.







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Book Review:

A new dark college romance from Shantel, I did enjoy this, not as much as some of her other books, I found this one a little too much in some places, still very much recommended for anyone liking a dark, twisted, dub-con filled read, but be warned, there’s nothing pink and fluffy about this one!

Set in a college setting with a secret society run by the Lords, where being a Lord runs in the family, Ryat’s father is one and so Ryat becomes one, initiations to prove your worth, there is nothing you wouldn’t do for a Lord, no boundaries you wouldn’t cross. Jobs are given out by the senior more powerful Lords, jobs are never turned down, again you must prove your loyalty and earn their respect. As such the newest members are forced to abstain from ‘relationships’ for 3 years, at the end their reward is to have a chosen woman, who is theirs to use as they see fit, until such a time as they are married off to someone else in order to advance their career and status.

Blakeley finds herself in Ryat’s sights, through a series of events they end up together as his chosen which she finds herself agreeing to, trying to regain a bit of control in her own life, not knowing just how much he was going to take away from her. Their relationship is anything but conventional, involving drug use, dubious situations, consensual non-consent, praise kink and violence. They are constantly at it like rabbits, it’s not nice and slow, it’s raw and filthy and sometimes a bit much.

Ryat finds himself obsessed with Blakeley, what started off as revenge against one of his fellow Lords turns into full on possessiveness, tracking of movements, drugging her and goodness knows what else, all to keep her safe from her manic psycho ex who is determined to get Blakeley back, no matter what the cost.

The story line does jump around a little until the puzzle pieces start to fall into place, so many twists and turns in this plot it will leave you a little breathless as you catch up with what’s going on! I’m looking forward to seeing just what the next book will involve.





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