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Release Blitz


Magical Midlife Challenge

Leveling Up #6

K.F. Breene


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The signs are unmistakable, Momar isn’t just targeting Austin’s brother.

When one of Momar’s grunts breaks into Austin’s territory looking to grab Jessie for questioning, Jessie and her crew realize they are under fire. In order to protect themselves, it becomes obvious they need backup.

Thankfully, the basajaun’s people have invited Jessie and her crew into the basajaunak lands. This is their golden opportunity to seek their help.

The problem is, a host of mages and mercenaries are following them. Once they take Jessie this time it won’t be just for questioning, and she won’t be coming back.

To omit this detail to the basajaunak would result in punishment. And everyone knows “punishment” with basajaunak is synonymous with an unmarked grave. But to tell them would get their visit canceled and force them to face the threat alone. Either way could mean certain death.

Decisions, decisions.

Welcome back to O’Briens, where the only certainty is that nothing is normal.




My ARC Review:


Another stunning addition to this Leveling Up series, in this one Jesse and Austin are in full flow with the fated mates thing going on, but they are not quite there yet, something is keeping them from that ultimate connection together, they just have to work out what it is, along with gearing up for another magical war!

Jesse is still having trouble blending her gargoyle side and her Jane side together to work in perfect harmony, she doesn’t want to lose herself in the darkness of the violence and get a taste for it, so is holding herself back, which is affecting her connection with her gargoyle and the Ivy House magic from working like it should.

Austin is all over Jesse, the Alpha of Alphas, but even he has trouble holding back when her gargoyle tries trumping his own troops, with hilarious results.

Another magical battle is calling and they need some allies, the hope is that the basajaun’s people will come through for them, so they take the opportunity to travel to their lands and meet with the basajaun, but the mages and mercenaries are on their tail, Jesse cannot knowingly take the fight into their territory without telling them, but this may well blow their only chance for an alliance with the basajaun.

The whole team makes the trip to the basajaun lands, with some hilarious results as they travel. I love their raggedy band, all misfits one and all, yet put them together in a battle and just watch them pull together! Edgar was stunning, certainly not ready to be retired any time soon in my book! All the shifters working together under Austin, all that power and strength, was just brutally beautiful. Sebastian and Nessa are a brilliant pair, having worked as a team their play was seamless, and their power was mighty.

The whole basajaun tribe and being in their lands was a challenge in itself, trying to prove they were worthy enough to be allies, earning their respect without overstepping the boundaries, never knowing where the next challenge or encounter would take place or with whom. Jesse ended up stepping in for Austin as a teenager took it too far, the mum in her coming out and not putting up with any crap!

A brilliant read for me, with the big battle at the end very explosive and intense as their little crew fight for their lives! Stunning from start to finish, I was totally engrossed in the story line and truly can’t wait for the next book in this series.

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