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The One Day Diet

by Wendy Alley Pierson


Genre: Self-Help, Health and Wellness






Now, more than ever, people are overweight, unhappy, and unsatisfied. Our culture has made processed and fast food so accessible that it has become the norm. Diet culture reigns supreme, and we are constantly looking for a new quick fix to bad habits.

The One Day Diet isn’t a fad diet; it offers a realistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. While making gentle choices for your mind and body using daily principles, affirmations, and committed actions, true long-term change will occur.

Take back your health through consistent actions, and find inner love and acceptance for yourself with The One Day Diet.





Regularly eating junk food and fast food in childhood makes it harder to make healthy choices later in life. You are basically assisting your child with food addiction, obesity, and chronic health issues. Besides those glaringly obvious reasons, research also shows eating foods that contain a lot of sugar, fat, and salt leads to low self-es- teem, asthma, eczema, hyperactivity, constipation, poor academics— including lower math and reading skills—less energy, and depression.

Why are we doing this to our children? We are shaping our youths’ destiny with illness, obesity, and premature death. Is that the legacy you want to leave?

“Clean your plate!” Did you hear that growing up? Do you tell your kids that while sitting at the kitchen table? This is a toxic trait that has long been instilled in most of us from a very early age. What we are really saying to a small child is…do not listen to your body, ignore the sensations in your stomach, or do not trust your inner knowing that you are full or not hungry in the first place. Eat, eat, eat, no matter what. Eat it if you do not like it. We are teaching kids to disconnect from their bodies and emotions.

We soothe crying children with a snack, or bake cookies for our child when they had a bad day at school. We go get ice cream for them when they win or lose a sporting event. We are ingraining food so deeply into our emotions we can no longer separate true hunger and craving cues.

Then as adults, we wonder why we eat until we are stuffed and can no longer move. We question why eating a carton of ice cream eases our anxiety after a difficult conversation when most of us were raised to associate food with comfort.





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After struggling with weight and diet mentality for years, Wendy found the answer, taking her health journey one day at a time.
Wendy created The One Day Diet to assist others who are tired of diet mentality like she was. In addition to being an author, Wendy is a certified yoga and reiki instructor, breath and mindset coach and master esthetician. Wendy truly cares and is cheering you on during your weight loss journey


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