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Prodigal Son is LIVE!


The Order of Vampires #3

by Lydia Michaels





Prodigal Son is book #3 in The Order of Vampires series and it is an unstoppable, thrilling, runaway rollercoaster from page one!

These books must be read in order, so if you haven’t started the series yet, begin with Original Sin. The reading order is: Original SinDark Exodus, then Prodigal Son. And, yes, there will be more!

This series is PNR, dark vampire romance. Be prepared for heat and some graphic scenes of violence. You can visit the content warning page of Lydia’s website to check trigger warnings. The content warning page is set up to alert readers of triggers (or kinks) without spoiling too much.






Bestselling author, Lydia Michaels, weaves a ferociously addictive tale of immortal hunger, lust, and noble sacrifice in the haunting continuation of The Order of Vampires series.

Cain Hartzler has a tortured past and a score to settle. After losing his destined mate, he is sentenced to an eternal life of pain and solitary sacrifice. To serve a purpose, he enters a deadly crusade to hunt and destroy the lethal vampire butchering mortal females in the Pennsylvania woods. But his honor is put to the test when the meddlesome news reporter, Destiny Santos, gets in his way.

Foolish ambition drives Destiny into the woods, but rather than find a lead, she discovers a sinister army of feral vampires out for blood. Desperate to escape, she shoots the one immortal willing to protect her from certain death.

As sinister vampires close in, Cain has no choice but to take the blood of the human female to survive. Mortally injured, he must escape the woods alive, or break his greatest vow.





My ARC Review:


Loving this series by Lydia – thoroughly intrigued and captivated by this group of Amish Immortals, who try their best to do good, not to drink from humans, to live in peace and keep to themselves – none of this has truly gone to plan yet and this series is filled with action, violence and hot steamy un-Amish scenes!

Cain is the twin brother of Adam – bless him he has been through the wringer, having shared a fated mate with his brother Adam, she chose his brother and Cain stood back to let them be together. The Elders look at him as a trouble maker, while I see him as a selfless person, trying to do his best for everyone whilst taking a back seat himself.

There is a great evil on the prowl murdering women in the forest, Cain has been on it’s trail, which turns out to be his Uncle Isaiah, who has turned into a feral vampire and a cold blooded killer, losing his humanity in the process. A nosy reporter named Destiny has got wind of the story and decides to go to the forest to investigate for herself – Cain ends up saving her but getting cornered by a whole host of feral female vampires who severely injure both Cain and Destiny.

I didn’t like Destiny at first, she is just out for a story, but Lydia does a find job of turning my feelings towards her around as we eventually get to know her better. They are well suited and Cain deserves some happiness, but this is not a quick process, in fact he just about gives up on her!

There’s lots of other plot twists and action going on in this book as we learn about a witches coven who hate the vampires/immortals and a bit of a revenge situation ensues between both parties.

Lots of new characters as well in this one as well as the familiar ones we have already met in the previous two books. Plenty going on to keep you intrigued and engrossed in the story line and I and very much looking forward to more books in this series. Definitely recommended reading for any PNR / vampire lovers for a touch of something different.

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