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Tomorrow Belongs To Us

by Lily Zante



Genre: Age Gap, Second Chance Contemporary Romance





A young woman’s life is disrupted when a decade later she crosses paths with the caring high-school teacher she fell in love with as a student.

Lance Turner was there for Megan when she needed him, but his sudden departure left her devastated.

All she wants now is closure, but all he wants is a second chance.





I pull her panties to the side and slide a finger, making her shudder as she clenches around me. No, I do not want to stop.
I couldn’t, unless she asked me to.
But she wants this, and she opens for me, widening her legs on the dryer. I slide in another finger and stroke her nub. She arches her back, moaning deep and dirty. I want to dive in and eat her out, but I also want much more. The torment of exploring and seeing her all over again is too much for me to take things slowly.
“You’re so ready,” I murmur, my thumb sliding over her easily.
I pull down the other bra cup so that her breasts are uncovered. She puts her hands behind her and leans back a little. With the dryer spinning, she jiggles around on top, vibrating with the spin cycle, her perky breasts bouncing. I pump my fingers in and out, like pistons. Each sweep elicits moans from her. She parts her legs wider, as if she wants more of me inside her. I hook my finger inside her and she lets out a squeal. In the haze of my brain, it occurs to me to rip the tiny little piece of fabric away. But doing it like this, so that it partly reveals her, and partly covers her, is sensual.
It’s dirty.
She’s almost naked, but not quite. She grinds herself against my hand and starts to shudder, as if she’s on the edge of her orgasm.
Not yet.
I pull my fingers out and she whimpers, until I claim her mouth and kiss her hard. Our tongues stroke and taste and lick, and we go at it like two wild animals.
I need to fuck her here. Now. But in the distant edges of my mind, I have enough awareness to think of her. It won’t be comfortable for her, not like this, and I want space and softness for her. Not the cold hard edges of an appliance.
“Do you have condoms?” Her voice is raspy as I lift her off the dryer.
I’m embarrassed to admit that I do. “Will you hate me if I say ‘yes’?”
“You do? Oh, thank God, thank God,” she mumbles against my neck. In answer I palm her breasts roughly and devour her with another kiss. She’s a smorgasbord of delight. I don’t know what to taste or kiss or touch and stroke next., I’m spoiled for choice.
My cock could so easily slide inside her. I don’t carry rubbers around with me because I don’t expect to have sex with women other than my wife—and that fizzled out years ago. I’m not a guy who makes moves on women. But being with Megan, I had to be prepared. I’ve had to guardrail my heart and my emotions, because goodness knows this woman has tried to get me to make a move on her. She’s been hard to resist.
Her ankles dig harder into my lower back as she tightens her grip around me.
I pull down my boxers, needing the release, needing to feel her. I have a mind to fuck her right here. Then I remember … the condom is in the back pocket of my jeans which are in the dryer.
“I need a moment,” I manage to mutter, as I bend to retrieve my jeans but her parted legs steal my attention. I want my cock inside her, filling her to the hilt, making her mine. I want to watch her come and fall apart under my gaze while I fuck her into oblivion. I want her to be mine forever, but she is so wet, glistening under the tawdry light that I can’t help myself, and roll my tongue over her, lapping at her juices.
Oh, fuck.
The smell, the taste, it makes me want to come right now. I bury my nose against her, memories of her familiar scent reawakening. She tastes like an elixir I never want to stop drinking.






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Lily Zante writes emotional contemporary romances that give you all the feels.

Readers say that her books keep you up all night and make you fall in love with characters who you will come to regard as friends.

She has one daughter, two sons and a parrot. Her better half prefers not to be mentioned at all.

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