Sarabeth Pollock ~ Once Upon an Interview ~ Book Tour


Titles: Once Upon an Interview


Series: The Spire Saga


Author: Sarabeth Pollock


Genre: Sweet Romance


Cover Design: Gemma Rakia




“… she has definitely hit it out of the park. This beautiful story is relevant, compelling, captivating, and exciting with low drama and mystery.” ★★★★★ Sharon



“This is such a cute story and I fell in love with the characters instantly!” ★★★★★ Haley W.



Sebastian McCafferty is known as the Crown Prince of the Spire Network but his hero’s journey has been more than a little bumpy. Maggie Maguire is a journalist who thinks her happily ever after may never arrive after a terrible breakup. When the wrong kind of sparks fly during an interview at the TV Hunks Convention, Sebastian is the last person Maggie ever wants to see again. But little do they know, their fairytale ending hasn’t been written yet.


Once Upon A Time is a feel-good, low drama cozy romance with a guaranteed happy ending. There’s plenty of innuendo between the main characters and lots of fade to black scenes.
This is the first book in The Spire Saga.



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