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Let It Rein

A Blue Series Story

by D.P. Denman



Genre: M/M LGBTQ Romance






The riskiest games are played from the heart.

According to the tabloids, Kasper Rein is a player on the prowl. Sturdy and sexy, with a voice of pure seduction, he’s seldom alone. The fans love him. Men and women want him. The paparazzi stalks him. He’s living a rock star’s dream — until someone wants him out of the spotlight.

The new man in Kasper’s life wants more than his fame. Mat wants his heart. He’s willing to battle his own trust issues for a chance at real love, but someone else wants Kasper out of the way. Cryptic threats and attempts on his life leave Kasper with a charred house, too many visits from the paramedics, and no answers. Kasper must uncover the person behind the violence before it’s too late — and they’re closer than he thinks.

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Kasper left Mat in the kitchen with Eric and went to his bedroom to change out of his torn and dirt-smudged clothes. The quiet tap at his door an instant after he shut it wasn’t a surprise.

“Come in, Sergeant Sosa.” Kasper tugged the shirt off over his head with more effort than usual. His bruised parts were already getting stiff.

The door opened, and Mat walked in, concern burning behind the sheepish smile. “How did you know it was me?”


“Do you mind? I wanted to make sure the EMTs didn’t miss anything.”

“You don’t trust them?”

“I’m sure they’re fine, but I didn’t train them, and I’m not interested in leaving your health to strangers.” Mat stepped close, inspecting him with gentle fingers and intense scrutiny. “You’ll be sore in the morning.”

“I don’t doubt it.”

“They told you about ice and ibuprofen?”


Mat rested a hand on Kasper’s bare chest, dark brown eyes staring back at him. “I’m glad you’re all right.”

“Me, too.”

Mat kissed him and slipped arms around him, holding him tight. A small part of Kasper insisted that he should push Mat away and get dressed. The hint of body spray and sensation of him pressed close unplugged the warning. Later, when he was alone, he could worry about what it meant that he already couldn’t seem to let Mat go. At that moment, he didn’t care.

“I thought it was that woman again, coming to finish the job,” Mat said, still holding him.

“No, that was this morning.”

“You’ve had a busy day.” Mat didn’t try to hide his surprise. “And?”

“And we had a nice chat about why I’m overreacting, and she’s being unfairly persecuted.”

“What is it with people trying to kill you?”

“She wasn’t trying to kill me. She was throwing a tantrum.”

“And threatening to cut you with the glass.”

“No, she threatened my date.”

“You aren’t letting her off the hook, are you?”

“No chance.”

“Good. So, what happened this afternoon?”

“A guy decided I’d make a good hood ornament.”

“Any idea why?”

“None. I’m hoping he’ll tell the police so they can tell me.”

“Do you think he knows Arianna?”

“I doubt it. If she wanted me dead, she’d run over me herself.”

Despite her threat hours earlier to do exactly that, Kasper didn’t believe she’d outsourced her revenge to someone else.

“Could he be a jealous ex or something? Someone trying to get you away from her?”

Kasper thought about the odd note left in his car, warning him to stay away. It might have made sense, except the pronoun was wrong. They didn’t want him avoiding a woman. They were worried about a man.

None of it made any sense.





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Award-winning author DP Denman writes addictive, character-driven MM romance from a soggy, moss-covered neighborhood in the Pacific Northwest. Her stories are dramatic and intense, guaranteed to pull you in and hold you hostage to the last word.


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