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Only You by Samantha Young is now live!






A second chance, friends to lovers romantic suspense set in the Scottish Highlands



Once upon a time, Monroe Sinclair was Brodan Adair’s best friend, but now he’s a stranger
and one of Hollywood’s leading men…

It took Monroe Sinclair eighteen years to return home to Ardnoch after a fateful night that devastated her friendship with Brodan Adair. She fled her unrequited love for him, as well as her difficult family life, and tried not to look behind her. Only a daughter’s guilt could lure her back to the Highlands and the assumption that Brodan Adair rarely ever sets foot in their hometown. She can handle seeing the rest of the Adairs so long as she can avoid her ex-best friend and the only man she’s ever loved.

Nothing is more important to Brodan than family, and only his demons have the power to keep him from them. For years, acting was something he was lucky enough to be good at, yet it wasn’t his priority—Ardnoch and his siblings were. But when a ghost from his past returned out of the blue, Brodan tried to outrun its haunting, taking him further and further from home. When exhaustion finally forces him back to the family fold, the last thing he wants is to encounter another ghost. But that’s exactly what Monroe Sinclair has been to him. When a promise to his nephew obliges Brodan to work with Monroe, it forces them to face their past. The explosive connection that has always existed between them resurrects truths long buried. Yet, just when they might be on the brink of a second chance, the ghost from Brodan’s past finally catches up to him and threatens not just their happiness, but their very






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My ARC Review:

The final book in this Adair Family series set in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, I will be sorry to see this family go, although there is a spin off series planned. This is Brodan’s story, who we learned in previous books had a falling out with his best friend and his brother, with Brodan moving on to become a Hollywood actor. But he is back home to Ardnoch needing some rest from the stress, and of course to see his family.

Monroe used to be Brodan’s best friend, they grew up together and were like peas in a pod for years, until their friendship lines got a little blurry, things happened, there was a fight…. she hasn’t been back to Ardnoch for 18 years. Now she is back to look after her ailing mother, having got a teaching job at the local school. She knows Brodan is here, and is dreading bumping into him.

Brodan is brutally hostile towards Monroe, his attitude is just horrible to her and I truly felt bad for Monroe, especially when you find out just what this woman has lived with and through all her life, when Brodan used to be her protector and her everything – I could’ve cried for her tbh, it was awful.

Brodan is bitter, unable to reconcile still having feelings for his ‘Sunrise’, he just can’t bring himself to be civil with her. It takes his family stepping in along with his bodyguard Walker, who set him straight, and make his reconsider his actions towards Monroe. Brodan has sooo much groveling to do, but is it too little too late for them to salvage anything between them…..

This is a slow burn read, very emotional at times as you learn the backstory to these two, flitting between past and present and learning about their young selves and then their present. Family is everything to the Adair’s, all of them have known and been friends with Monroe, some more than others, but you find out just what happened on that fateful night and why.

A fantastic read, with the epilogues just being the icing on the cake and topping off the series beautifully. I can’t wait to read the spin off series and get to the Scottish Highlands.





Meet Samantha:

Samantha Young is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. She’s been nominated for several Goodreads Choice Awards. Samantha writes adult contemporary and paranormal romance, YA urban fantasy and YA contemporary fiction and is currently published in 31 countries.

She resides in Scotland.


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