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Until Deakon


By K.L. Shandwick



Genre | Trope: Contemporary Romance | Rockstar Romance | Broody Rock Star | Alfa rockstar







Have you ever stopped to think your actions will ever come back to bite you? Me neither.
Did I, Deakon Brosley of Screaming Shadows, ever think I would care? Not for a second.

For years I lived life to the fullest and could have cared less about what other people thought. That was until I felt a magnetic pull to someone I couldn’t ignore.

That person was Sadie, my bandmate’s damaged, snarky housekeeper who has the personality of a toad. The maddening thing about this is it’s girls like her I’d normally go out of my way to avoid. Sadie’s easy on the eye. Physically, she’s my type … from her incredibly long auburn hair, right down her cute, little painted toes. But that’s not the burning attraction. It’s more about the wired connection whenever she’s near me.

Part of my problem is I sense it’s a two-way thing, but the girl won’t budge on her mood. Not that I blame her. I usually don’t do romance or relationships, they’re more trouble than they’re worth.
She’s arrogant, discourteous, impertinent, and rude—this list is far from exhausted.

So how come I can’t get her out of my head and find I can’t resist her? Beats me.

The attraction I felt was instant, but that was before she spoke. Hell, perhaps in some sadistic way I get turned on by being slapped down by her vindictive, scathing tongue. This point is a real possibility because since I’ve lived with fame, it’s rarely ever done.

My bandmate, her boss, is overprotective of her, and constantly warns me off. So why am I so persistent and determined to get under her skin? Could it be that one damaged soul has found another?






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My ARC Review:

Book 3 in the PulseTunes Rock Gods series, and here we have Deakon Brosley, lead guitarist of the Screaming Shadows – if you’ve read the other 2 books in this series you will know that Deakon has reputation of being a playboy, he’s always with a woman, partying and doing what rockstars do best…. until he falls for someone we have already met in previous books – Levi’s housekeeper Sadie, who is known for her wicked tongue and no nonsense attitude.

Both characters have had some bad things happen to them in the past, we already know Deakon’s past with his family and how he is looking after his sister, in this we find out Sadie’s background and how she got to be taken in by Levi, and why her disposition leaves a lot to be desired at times. It’s not good…. she hasn’t told her background to anyone yet, but it’s Deakon she spills her story to eventually.

Deakon has always been taken with Sadie, liking her comebacks and her sass, but didn’t think he stood a chance with her. Sadie protects her privacy, not going out with the guys, keeping to herself – you find out why later, and her story is horrible and I certainly felt for her and being in her position you can understand how her attitude and her sharp tongue where her protection and her guards. But Deakon proved he was anything but what his reputation said about him, he turned out to be patient, caring, understanding, protective and loving with Sadie, who can’t help but fall for this side of Deakon.

These two have a lot to work through and it’s not easy sailing, especially with Levi and the other band members as they are protective of Sadie, Levi especially, even putting the friendship of the band at risk at times. But it was lovely to watch these two overcome the obstacles in their path, fighting for a chance together, patience and understanding being the key, and Deakon had that in spades.

Lovely to see some of the other characters from KL’s other books putting in appearances – great to have a catch up with them and to see how they are getting along with their lives, showing their love and support for the guys and helping out in ways no one else could.

A great read, emotional at times, angsty at others, some great banter and laugh out loud moments as well as the hot steamy scenes – some difficult topics covered as well. I look forward to her next book.





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