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Release Blitz


Blood Heir

by Jasinda Wilder


Genre : Paranormal / Why Choose / Found Family / Grumpy-Sunshine / Possessive H / Life-Altering Secrets



Release date: February 24th 2023







Maeve Sparrow is a normal girl—it’s her life that’s anything but normal.

She and her mother never stay anywhere long, she’s been to more schools than she can count, and can pack and be on the road in less than an hour. It’s crazy, maybe, but it’s their life, and for them, it works.

Then, everything changes.

A tragedy upends her life and Maeve finds herself living with a long-lost father in a quiet lakeside community in the far north of Michigan.

And that’s when things get…weird.

Have you ever just felt drawn to someone? Compelled to look their way?

Caspian is a bright beacon in her strange new life. He’s as far from normal as anyone can be, and somehow, she just can’t seem to stay away from him, or from his equally attractive all-male family.

The more time Maeve spends around Caspian and his family, the more both her suspicions and her body are aroused, and by the time she figures out the truth, it’s far, far too late to return to ignorance and innocence.

The truth is a scary thing, but something in her blood and her body seems to crave them.

And once she’s had a taste of Caspian’s world, Maeve is utterly, absolutely certain that she’ll never want anything else…

No matter the consequences.





Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/122751926-blood-heir


Grab Your Copy! → https://jasindawilder.com/books/blood-heir/





Wow, I could not get enough of this fabulous PNR read, yes it gave off a little in the way of Twilight vibes initially, but OMG it soon turns into something completely different!! This is the first in what I hope will be a fantastic new series from Jasinda, I couldn’t read it fast enough, in fact I read it twice which is almost unheard of for me! This is a PNR / vampire / fated mates / why choose / found family read not to be missed – it’s hot, steamy, utterly addictive and sinfully delicious!

Maeve Sparrow lives with just her mum, having never known her father who her mum doesn’t talk about. She is used to moving around, mum never staying in one place too long before they were off again to somewhere new. Until Maeve’s mum dies in a car accident and she is left with nothing and no one, until a man shows up claiming to maybe be her father, and takes her with him to a small town in Michigan to live.

It’s there she meets Caspian – tall, dark hair, porcelain white skin, sunglasses, muscles, outrageously handsome – her whole being, her soul, is compelled to be with him. Something inside her stirs to life in his presence, but not just his, she feels this around his other 3 family members as well, just not quite as strong.

The more time she spends with them, the more her cravings grow, and vice versa, until she can no longer resist their siren call and her world is completely blown apart and nothing will ever be the same again, not that she would ever want it back, why would she when she can have all that?!

Just phew! I adored the connection between Maeve and Caspian, it is all consuming for them both, until it expands into something else with his family involved! The build up in their relationship is everything! I loved the whole new world that has been built here, a different take on the vampire world and I loved where Jasinda went with this, some many more possibilities that can come from this! Seriously, not to be missed if you’re a PNR fan.

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