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Dangerous Dreams by Abbie Roads is now live!






Love makes you weak and vulnerable. He vowed long ago to never feel that way again. But when he rescues a woman who’s been held hostage, she challenges all his beliefs. The attraction is staggering. The urge to keep her near him, to keep her safe, is overwhelming. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t resist her. And he’s not sure he wants to because deep down he knows he’s the only one who can protect her.

There’s only one reason she survived the past eight years of torture and starvation. Her nightly dreams of him: The man who finally rescues her. But now that she’s safe, the outside world no longer makes sense, and she’s questioning her own sanity. Is she a bad person? Was humanity better off when she was locked away? The only thing she knows for sure is that she feels secure with him. But what if he’s in danger because of her?

No one is safe.
Everyone is at risk.
Who will survive?
Who will die?
Only fate can decide.





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My ARC Review:

Start of a new series from Abbie, captivating from the start, it’s one of those reads that’s very intriguing and you just need to know what was going on!

Xander has a special ability, he can hear people’s thoughts, this being the result of being hit by lightning when he was younger. He has both mental and physical scars as a result of this, he hates his ability and treats it like a curse, it causes him pain all the time and he uses alcohol to drown out the voices and the pain, certain voices he thinks he has been imagining and hearing for years and has forced himself to ignore these. Due to his ability he is used to by the police to ‘interview’ suspects as he can hear what they are thinking.

This ability leads him to find Isleen, who is a kidnap victim along with her Gran. Being with Isleen silences the voices and brings him peace. They are connected in more ways than they think, the chemistry is undeniable, but Isleen has her own magical powers as well – she dreams of things that are yet to happen, but to her are real and she is actually there – in the real world she is out of it and unaware.

It turns out the Isleen’s life is still in danger and the cult her kidnapped her in the first place is back after her. Lots of action and suspense, lots of paranormal twists in the plot, finding out just who the cult where was a bit of a plot twist in itself! A really good read, both main characters has suffered an awful lot so learning to drop their walls and just give over to the love takes a lot of doing. Looking forward to reading more from Abbie.





Meet Abbie:

By day Abbie Roads is a mental health counselor always focusing on the bright side. By night she writes on the dark side, but always with hope and a happily-ever-after. She loves true crime and good inspirational quote.


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