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Magical Midlife Alliance

Leveling Up #7

K.F. Breene


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Book 7 in the Wall Street Journal bestselling Leveling Up series!

After a disappointing return from the basajaunak lands, it’s clear that Jessie and her crew need to form an alliance and fast! A massive battle is materializing, targeting Kingsley. Without more help, they’ll never be enough to save Austin’s brother from total annihilation.

The good news is, gargoyle cairns are interested in meeting her. She’s the only living female gargoyle and a connection with her has the opportunity to improve their status. They’d just have to change their way of life to accommodate her, not an easy ask for a gruff, stubborn sort of creature.

She has her back against the wall. She must try and wrangle her crew into some semblance of “normal” to entice even just one major cairn to her side. Something not totally impossible…except for the interference of a cairn’s Lead Enforcer.

He isn’t just a gargoyle. Couldn’t be, not with his unnatural size, strength and glowing eyes. His origins are a mystery and his entire person is cloaked in danger. He might just hold their fate in his hands.

Making an alliance was always going to be difficult, but now it might be nearly impossible, and not just because the crew has no idea what “normal” might look like.

The clock is ticking.




My ARC Review:


Another stunning read from KF Breene and another fantastic unputdownable addition to this Leveling Up series – in this one we find Jessie, Austin and their crew meeting up with the Gargoyle Cairn leaders in the hopes of getting them to join forces with them, as they need more gargoyle guardians to fight against the mage Mormar, who has Austin’s brother’s pack in his sights!

The gargoyles leaders are all a bit of an odd bunch, to them its all about showing off what they make, send what they think are appropriate gifts to Jessie in an attempt to get her to invite them to meet her.

Ivy House itself needs a refurb job, the wealth that house has just hanging in around in drawers and what not had me chuckling as Sebastian and Nessa take an inventory of its worth! Austin ends up calling his Grandmother Mimi in to take over the refurb job, once the Alpha of his family pack, she’s not one to be messed with!

Patty, Ulric’s mum, has also arrived and is helping steer Jessie in the gargoyle world, setting up the meetings with the cairn leaders and educating her along the way in way of social media and gossiping gargoyle style! Again another strong female character not to be messed with in her own way!

Of course the gargoyle cairn leaders leave a lot to be desired, disrespecting Jessie and her crew. Jessie and her crew along with Austin and his soon sort them out, their own way!

Tristan is one of the new characters in her, the gargoyle enforcer for one of the cairns – now he is a very interesting character having some old world magic about him which Nimah seems to know some things about. Tristan and Nessa seem to hit it off in some very unconventional ways, which I loved – really looking forward to how all that plays out in the future.

Lots going on in this story line and I absolutely loved it, this series just gets better and better! I loved all the fighting, seeing how all the crew were coming along under Jessie’s leadership. The whole of Jessie’s crew are such an oddball bunch of misfits, I just love them all. A few steamy scenes with Austin and Jessie as their mate bond continues to blow very hot with no intention of cooling off for them it seems, yummy! Sooo many laugh out loud moments with the crew and their antics as well, the banter with the characters, I love it!! Then there’s the fight scenes which are just brilliant and get me all hyped up cheering our crew along. Just fabulous, not to be missed!



K.F. Breene is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, and Amazon Charts bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and fantasy novels. With over four million books sold, when she’s not penning stories about magic and what goes bump in the night, she’s sipping wine and planning shenanigans. She lives in Northern California with her husband, two children and out of work treadmill.

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