Jess Storm ~ Rejecting His Mate ~ Release Blitz / Teasers / ARC Review

Title: Rejecting His Mate
Series: The Wolves of Black Mountain #1
Author: Jess Storm
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Tropes: Rejected Mates/Fated Mates
Release Date: March 31, 2023




I’m promised to the alpha’s son, a powerful wolf shifter who will one day take over our pack. When my wolf fails to manifest during my first moon ceremony, my chosen mate publicly and brutally rejects me.


Shunned by him and my pack, I’m forced to watch the wolf I was meant to spend the rest of my life with move on and torment me. He’s not content to hurt me. He wants me dead so he can imprint on a wolf who isn’t damaged.
Running is the only option, but there are more dangerous things out there than my old pack and my promised mate.
When I stumble across an even bigger threat to my safety, I have no idea how I’m going to survive. Vargr’s are the stuff of legend, wolves that are stronger, bigger and more dangerous than most alphas, but Cade is very much real and now that I’ve seen him he’s not going to let me go.




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My ARC Review:


This is a new author for me, boy am I glad I read this one, I couldn’t put it down!! Loved the characters and the story line!

Halle doesn’t have any memories before being 8yrs old, when she was involved in a car crash with her mum, and has since been raised by her aunt. They live in a small town pack of wolf shifters and has agreed to the mated to the son of the Alpha, even though it didn’t feel right she was hoping things would improve, but her mate is turning angry and abusive with her. Her only escape is being able to be alone in the nearby woods, where a wolf she doesn’t know has been keeping tabs on her.

But things go from bad to worse when the Alpha tries to draw her wolf out and she doesn’t appear. The whole town rejects her and she is forced out, her mate is out to kill to save face for him and to get rid of the mating. The only thing that saves her is the strange wolf from the woods who comes to her aid.

Cade is the wolf from the woods, drawn for some unknown reason to Halle, his wolf thinks she is theirs, but she has been mated to another. He steps in to save her from her mate, and takes her with him to meet the other 3 members of his family, but not before she manages to heal him! She has some recollections of having done this sort of thing before. The race is on to escape from the old pack.

A terrific read for me, I felt for Halle and her fight to remember her past, I love her strength and determination to find out just who and what she is. I loved Cade, my favourite type of wolf shifter, all growly, broody, protective, hot and a little wild – he just couldn’t understand why he was drawn to her, but now that he had her there was no chance of him letting her go! The 3 other wolfs in Cade’s ‘pack’ were great as well, look forward to reading more about them! Loved the witch / wolf hybrid idea, just such a shame that her wolf is locked up inside and can’t come out to play! It was one of those books that I couldn’t put down, just totally engrossed in the story line, so can’t wait to read more from Jess!






Jess Storm is the PNR and fantasy romance penname of USA Today Bestselling Author, Jessica Ames.

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