Rhea Watson ~ Sacrifice ~ Release Blitz / ARC Review


Title: Sacrifice
An Extinction Omegaverse World Standalone
Author: Rhea Watson
Genre: Dark Omegaverse Romance
Tropes: MFM Shifter/Forced Proximity
Release Date: April 13, 2023


When I graduated from the Omega Academy, I had options.


Sure, as a Class-B Fertile, I’d never get top dollar from our local alpha packs, but I was the next best option after all the Class-A omegas were claimed.
Until someone else let Dad name his price.
As an omega, I always expected to be bought and sold—but not like this.
Not to a shifter breeding facility.
The men in charge want to save the tigers. With their wilder halves almost extinct, tiger shifters aren’t far behind, and the fate of their species is in my hands.
It’s absurd. It’s insulting.
But it’s my new reality.
A reality I suffer with two unbonded alpha tiger shifters who hate sharing territory—but who hate being treated like animals even more. While Luther is suspicious of me from the start, Oryn quickly takes me under his wing and shares the key to our survival.
No touching.
No mating.
No knotting.
Abstinence is resistance.
It’s worked for them before, but I’m the first omega ever forced into heat and thrown to the beasts. After years of refusing to breed with anyone, I’m the perfumed pawn sent to break these two kings.
So, we fight.
We resist.
But our captors have all the power, and no matter how hard we ignore the call, it’s only a matter of time before instinct takes over…
And we surrender to the roles we were born to play.


Sacrifice is a dark MFM shifter omegaverse romance set in the Extinction Omegaverse world. Here, you’ll find such tropes as Hurt/Comfort, Found Family, Us against the World, and Forced Proximity.


Please Note: The overall series is not “dark”, but Sacrifice has dark, disturbing themes and scenarios leveled against the MCs, and it may be triggering to some readers.



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This was a new author for me, I was very intrigued by the blurb, it seemed like it would be quite a different type of Omegaverse read – glad I went for this as I was thoroughly hooked by the story from the start, a great read but not always an easy one!

Eve’s world is turned upside down in an instant, one day she is looking forward to a normal happy life being an Omega to an Alpha, the next her father has sold her to pay off his debts, and she is literally thrown into a cage with two captive tiger shifters in the hope that the forced proximity makes them breed.

Luther and Oryn are the two captive males and have been kept captive for quite a while now. Luther is the older one and has been there the longest, he is beaten down and withdrawn, keeps to himself, but has just about given up hope of ever getting out. Oryn is ex-military and tries to be bright and cheerful and have a positive outlook on things. But when Eve is added to their cage the goalposts are moved and things change. They all agree to try and resist their natural inclinations to mate, none of them want to have the pups that the Corporation that holds them tries to force, even by bringing on a false heat for Eve.

Of course, the longer the three are together the friendlier they become, with bonds forming between the three and even between the two Alphas. But they are never left alone, with cameras watching them all the time, and the Alphas being tranquilized for their ‘health checks’ to take place.

Eve tries her best to care for her Alphas, as much as they care for her, but in the end natural instincts take over, with the help of the Corporation of course.

I loved the story, but oh my did I feel for these three, it felt that they just couldn’t catch a break, just when you think things are improving something happens and you feel awful for what they go through. I loved how the relationship builds between the three, even the bond between the two Alphas was a wonderful thing – watching the two tigers together was wonderful. But they are captives in a cage, and the Corporation want pups, and will stop at nothing to get them.

There is a dark paranormal twist to this story that adds another very interesting layer to this that eventually contributes to their happy ending, but what they have to go through to get it was rough. Well worth the read for a different Omegaverse read, there’s nothing sweet about it so don’t expect that, it’s quite gritty and emotional, there are some lighter scenes which were lovely, but there are some darker scenes at the end also. There are some steamy omegaverse type scenes in here as well of course. Well worth the read…. I’m looking forward to reading more from the Extinction Omegaverse collection.







Rhea Watson is a Canadian reverse harem author who loves a good paranormal romance. She writes layered alpha heroes with rough exteriors who melt for their strong, independent soulmates.


In her spare time, Rhea babies her herb garden, bows to her cat’s every whim, and flies through Netflix shows like it’s her day job.


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