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Hacker in Love

by Lauren Rowe


Release date: 5th May 2023






Secrets. Everybody’s got ‘em, including me. Especially me.


The difference is mine will never be revealed, whereas I can easily get yours, assuming the price offered by your enemy is right and the scales of justice appeal to my personal standards of ethics. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. The thing that’s not so easy for a shy guy like me? Finding Ms. Right and locking her down.


Speaking of Ms. Right, the very night I was set up with Hannah Milliken by our mutual friend, I knew I’d one day kneel before her with a ring in hand. Hannah’s the kind of girl who’ll gleefully dance like a gorilla with me in the coolest nightclub or belt out a karaoke duet from Grease like her very life depends on it. She’s gorgeous, too. Funny and smart. And she even wears librarian glasses. See? Perfect.


I don’t doubt Hannah’s the one for me. Indubitably, she is. I only wonder how a dork like me could possibly land a goddess like her.


Unfortunately, when catastrophe strikes, all my questions are rendered moot. Now that Hannah knows the truth about me not actually working in cybersecurity—as well as the questionable things I’ve done to win her over—will I lose my dream girl forever, or is there still a chance for us to chase our happily ever after?


Hacker in Love is a steamy, funny, heart-pounding, standalone contemporary romance with a whole lot of feels, laughs, spice, and swoons by USA Today and internationally bestselling romance author Lauren Rowe.






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My ARC Review:

A new book from Lauren, and a stunner it is – brilliantly written, fun, sweet, nerdy, steamy, emotional, the list goes on!! Henny the Hacker has his own book! This is a standalone read, but if you’ve read any of Lauren’s other books you will recognise the names in here, as this is a brilliant example of Lauren’s creative writing technique being able to come up with a whole new story that also fits into the timeline of the others, without making feel you are missing out if you haven’t read them!

Henn works in cyber security – a quiet, shy and nerdy hacker who can break into anything and reveal your secrets in the blink of an eye. He’s at the top of his game, the best of the best, working for the government, only a couple of people in the world can connect his hacker name back to his real identity. He’s tight with his friends, doing anything to help them out when his superpowers are needed – but his relationships always seem to fail, as he wears his heart on his sleeve and jumps right in with both feet. But he’s set up on a date by his best friend’s girl, who sounds just awesome on the phone and he can’t wait to meet her!

Hannah’s last relationship was the worst mistake of her life, being catfished and swindled, she’s been left feeling stung and hurt, and is very careful with her feelings, honesty and openness being the key now for Hannah and relationships going forward. When her best friend sets her up with a date with Henn she’s excited to meet him, he sounds just up her street, but can he live up to her expectations?

These two are an absolute delight together – sweet, fun, caring, nerdy – they are able to be themselves together, share the same loves of film and music, dance like a goofball together, they even speak their own kind of language together – Henn immediately knows he’s found The One and has to stop himself from diving right in there declaring his undying love. Honestly their connection is just so perfect, it seem too good to be true! But both are withholding some secret from the other, do they really truly know one another as they think they do?

Another brilliant read from Lauren, I love how it intertwines with her other books in this world without spoiling any of the other plot lines. Fabulous to read about all the old favourites again with all the founding family Morgan clan putting in appearances in here. Not to be missed.




Meet Lauren:

Lauren Rowe is the USA Today and international #1 best-selling author of bestselling Standalone Smitten, The Reed Rivers Trilogy, as well as The Club Trilogy, The Josh & Kat Trilogy, The Morgan Brothers Series, Countdown to Killing Kurtis, and select standalone Misadventures.

Lauren’s books are full of feels, humor, heat, and heart. Besides writing novels, Lauren is the singer in a party/wedding band in her hometown of San Diego, an audio book narrator, and award-winning songwriter. She is thrilled to connect with readers all over the world.

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