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The Problem With Pretending

by Emma Hart

Release date: 16th May 2023






The Problem With Pretending by Emma Hart is NOW LIVE in Kindle Unlimited!







Literally colliding with the hottest guy in the world and agreeing to be his date to his sister’s wedding? Done… for some reason.

Finding out he’s actually an aristocrat and will one day inherit an ancient Scottish dukedom and castle? Yep, that’s a surprise.

Sharing a bed with him at said castle because his family thinks I’m his girlfriend? Okay, I’m sure I’ll survive. Even if he does make my heart pitter-patter and my lady bits—uh, never mind.

Dealing with his family feud, his bridezilla sister, and his grandma’s gobby cockatiel who fancies himself the castle alarm system? It’s… well, it’s… something.

Oh, and a snowstorm, keeping my real identity a secret, trying to figure out where the heck I know the Glenroch family from, and why his mum keeps looking at me weirdly?

Yeah, that I’ll need some help with…






My ARC Review:

Another brilliant read from Emma in her Aristocracy world – great world building and characters, funny, witty, a slow burn with lots of shenanigans and laugh out loud moments!

Grace is a history student at Cambridge, even though she has Lady as a title, the history with her family means she shy’s away from anything to do with the world of aristocracy and tries not to mingle in those circles unless she has to.

But her whole world changes when she literally bumps into a handsome stranger outside a cafe and they spill their drinks down one another…..

William can’t believe how drawn he is to the girl he bumped into. She’s a breath of fresh air, all sass and banter that makes him smile, not like the girls his family want him to marry. His sister is due to get married in Scotland in the next few weeks, he either has to provide a girlfriend to accompany him, or one will be provided for him! So he asks Grace to go with him, but fails to tell her the castle they are stopping in belong to his Grandparents and they think she is his girlfriend! Of course Grace keeps the little secret of her own to herself, not revealing her own identity to William, but William’s mother recognises Grace’s face…….

A great read, I loved the chemistry and the banter between Grace and William, the slow burn and getting to know you was lovely. The Scottish castle setting was great, I love all that type of history! Of course there is always at least one member of the family in Emma’s books that just has no filter and an animal that is just crackers, no exception here – the shenanigans will have you laughing out loud! Highly recommended reading!






Meet Emma:

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author, Emma Hart, has written more than seventy romance novels in the last decade. She loves writing snarky, swoony romcoms with a side of chaos, occasionally venturing into romantic mysteries. Which are exactly the same as her romcoms, just with a dead body or two. That’s the reason for her questionable Internet history—at least that’s the story she’s sticking to.

She lives on a smallholding in North Wales with her husband and their two children, a clowder of very fluffy cats, one giant German Shepherd, and an undisclosed number of chickens and ducks. Don’t ask her to count them. She will not, thank you very much.

When she’s not writing or chasing ducks in her pyjamas, you can find her creating cosy gaming content for her Youtube channel and live streaming on Twitch.


Find her online:

Amazon: https://emmahart.pub/books

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