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Firsthand Research

by Anna Denisch



Genre: Erotic Romance






A sweet and sensual friends-to-lovers erotic romance about finding self-love, overcoming childhood traumas, and learning to go after the future you want in this world.

They say you should write what you know, but popular romance novelist Alice has never had a problem writing about love when she herself has always been single. Yet her newest writing venture, an erotic romance, is proving to be more challenging than she expected.

Enter Tony, the ‘playboy’ grandson of her publisher. After being kicked out ‘for his own good’, Tony’s looking for a place to stay and a job where he can prove himself. And what better use of his skills is there than helping Alice as her erotica research assistance?

In an exchange that works in both of their favors, Tony agrees to work as Alice’s writing assistant and Alice agrees not to tell his grandmother what he’s up to. But once Tony gets a real job at a rival publishing firm, his grandmother’s response threatens their newfound peace. If they want to preserve their futures, Tony and Alice have to come to terms with their feelings, both for each other and themselves.

A true learning to love yourself story where friends-turned-lovers-turned-romantic partners find their own peace in a world that’s designed to tear them down.




Tony was doing the exact same thing he would be doing if he was out in the living room. But, for some reason, doing it in his bedroom just made it not as fun. Perhaps it was the fact that he couldn’t leave his room. Something about not being able to do things made you want to do them even more.

It also apparently made you really thirsty. So, Tony wandered out of his room to go get some water from the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” Alice hissed, hurrying down the hall to him.

“Getting some water,” Tony said, gesturing to the glass in his hand. “At least I hope it’s water.”

“You’re supposed to stay in your room.”

“Only when Liam’s here.”

“He is.”

Tony’s eyebrows rose at the hiss, and then rose further at the sound of a door down the hallway opening and closing. He probably should have realized the bathroom door had been closed when he walked past it.

“Hide,” Alice said, pushing at him.

“Where do you expect me to go?” Tony asked.

“Here!” Alice opened one of the tall pantry doors and shoved Tony inside. There wasn’t really a lot of room, and parts of him refused to be crammed in there, even when he crouched down to try and fit under some of the shelves.

Alice gasped and turned, shutting the door on him, inside or not. He whimpered and bit his fist as his foot, caught in the crossfires, throbbed in pain.

Through the slit that the half-closed door left, Tony had a front row seat to half of the kitchen, and half of Alice. And the half that was Alice was the really good bit. And then the pain in his foot wasn’t the problem anymore.

Tony tried to shift and adjust, get some pressure either on or off his groin for however long he would be stuck in there.

“So,” Liam’s voice said off screen. “Seems like you’re really settling in here.”

“Oh yes,” Alice said. “It’s quite a lovely little place.”

“I have to say. I’m a bit surprised you didn’t get frightened and call me.”

Tony rolled his eyes. Mainly because Alice had gotten frightened. And had smacked Tony in the face with a bat because of it.

“What can I say. I guess I’m growing up.” Alice chuckled.

There was a small moment of pause, giving Tony the time to listen to his own heartbeat as he tried not to look at Alice’s butt.

“Wouldn’t you like to sit down?” Liam asked.

“Ah, no.” Alice chuckled again. “I’ve been sitting down all morning. Could use some stretching actually.”

And then she did start to stretch.

Oh, come on, Tony thought, every part of his body excited by the show being put on before him.

“You should try yoga,” Liam said. “It’s good to take a break between writing. At least every hour.”

Alice stepped to the side, thankfully no longer stretching. She pushed one leg back against Tony’s foot, either trying to hide it or shove it back in. And it certainly wasn’t going to fit in at all. “I’ll be sure to give it a shot.”

“Good. It’s important to keep your body active, especially since you sit at a desk all day.”

“Yes, yes,” Alice said, clearly annoyed. “So you’ve said before.”

“I just want to make sure you’re staying healthy. Can’t have my baby sister getting sick.”

Tony’s leg spasmed, his foot kicking out against Alice’s leg. She rebutted by shoving back against it. He hissed as pain traveled up his calf.

“Is everything alright?” Liam asked. Tony heard the chair squeak across the floor as Liam stood up.

“Perfectly,” Alice said.

“I thought I heard something.” Liam stepped over, appearing in view through the crack.

Alice shook her head, hair bouncing beautifully against her neck. “I didn’t hear anything.”

“Really?” Liam shifted, trying to look past her, but she blocked him with a mirrored move. “It sounded like a snake. Maybe I should take a look for you.”

“No! That, uh,” Alice chuckled. “That’s alright. I, I bet you it was just…” she reached behind her, hand slipping through the crack. She opened and closed it a few times. Tony startled and looked over the shelves. He found a can of soda and popped it open, handing it up to Alice. “…a can that opened on its own!”

Liam frowned, taking the can from Alice, studying it. “You should get rid of the rest. If one’s defective, they might all be. You could get hurt.”

“I’ll go to the store tomorrow and get some new ones.”

“I could take you now,” Liam offered. “Could fit a lot more in the car and wouldn’t have to carry it all back up.”

Alice hesitated for a second. “That sounds lovely. I’ll meet you out there, just have to grab my bag.”

Liam nodded with a wide smile and turned to leave. Alice waited until the main door closed, then spun around, pulling Tony out.

“I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

Tony groaned as he stretched his limbs back out. “Yeah. I think you may have amputated my foot, but other than that.”

“Just, keep that elevated while we’re out, okay? I promise I’ll try to get him to leave soon.”

Tony shrugged. “Ah, take your time. I won’t be going anywhere anyway.” He pointed to his foot, laughing so she knew he wasn’t being serious.

She gave him an apologetic smile. “I really am sorry. Please take good care of it, okay?”

Tony winked at her. “You’re the boss.”





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Anna Denisch was born and raised just outside of Baltimore City, but she has never called it home. When not traveling around the world or daydreaming about dragons, she spends her time looking at books she wants to read without actually touching them. She received her M.F.A in Creative and Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University and considers daily if she is just insane enough to take her family’s sometime suggestion of getting a PhD.


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  1. I liked the synopsis and excerpt, Firsthand Research sounds like a story that I will enjoy reading

  2. I think this book looks awesome! Has the author been a writer for a long time? How did they get started?

    1. Hi Megan, thank you for the enthusiastic interest! I’ve been writing for what feels like a million years, but my first book, Devotion, was published last year. I have a few short stories and novellas around as well, but this is my seocnd full-length work. I hope you enjoy it when it comes out!

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