Isoellen ~ Claiming Starlight ~ Book Review






Claiming Starlight

by Isoellen






When Sophie’s younger brother Alexi doesn’t return from looking for work with his friends, she fears the worst.

Unable to bear the idea that something has happened, she sets out on her own to find him. Now, everything has gone wrong and she’s alone in the worst part of town–shifter territory.

But the Alpha who comes to her rescue isn’t a hero, and he has no intention of taking her home…

Or ever letting her go.



Claiming Starlight is set in a post apocalyptical world where normal rules no longer apply, and a more primal law of the land rules all. This story may contain violence and scenes of complete power exchange. Please read responsibly.





My Book Review:


This was my first read by Isoellen, and I gotta say I really enjoyed it! Set in a post-apocalyptic setting filled with all manner of nasties, this is not a read for the faint hearted, full of dark mature themes, very explicit, you’ve been warned!

Sophie is a 18yr old professional virgin, kept by a Vampir in an emotionless and sterile type environment, they use her for her ability to boost magic due to her inherent nature and virginity. Always one to follow the rules, her whole life is mapped out for her, until her younger brother disappears, and she takes it upon herself to try and find him, travelling into the bad side of town and into shifter territory where the bits she knows about him leads her.

No one helps her, everyone sending her on her way, and everyone knows just how human she is. The whole town knows she is in their territory, and the predators are circling! The Alpha leader come to see what all the fuss is about, her innocence, her brightness…. she is a beacon in the darkness, and he was captivated and would make her his!

I really enjoyed this, the world is dark and dystopian, after an apocalyptic event drew creatures from other planes and dimensions to Earth and destroying the world as we knew it…. now it is filled with humans (red bloods) as servants and the magical creatures (blue bloods) like vampir and shifters rule, along with other like fae, trolls, witches, etc. I found the world building took a little time to get used to as there are lots of differences to learn and understand.

Micah is the Alpha of alphas, he is bad through and through, having lived many years and done many bad things, he is not the saviour Sophie was hoping for! He nicknames her his Starlight, and she is his in every way he wants, whether she wants it or not, as he teaches her to please him and she learns what pleasure and pain can do to a person! Micah is possessive, demanding, crude, and barely in control of either his raging temper or lust…. an anti-hero is an understatement for him! Yet he is caring and protective of Sophie as well, but he won’t abide any lies, as she soon learns.

Deliciously dirty in so many ways, my kindle was practically melting….. raw, carnal, graphic, just whew! I loved the part where the shifter part of Micah, his beast, comes out to play, oh that part was very intense!!

I enjoyed the storyline as well, learning the world and its politics, the maneuvers going on between all the players, lots of action and plot twists. I thought Sophie’s character grew a lot as we went along, from her doe eyed innocence to where she claims her rightful place with the beast, it read really well. Hope to read more from this world, there is certainly plenty to go at. Will definitely read more from this author, loving her style!

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