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Release Date: March 28, 2018

Cover Design: MadHat Books




Two couples, fighting for their happily ever after that won’t come without a suspenseful battle of love and protection as a stalker threatens to destroy every good outcome.

Mitchell Riverton and Makayla Gregory are living proof that a second chance is worth going the distance for, but as obstacles threaten their path of reconciliation, they will fight harder than ever to make their way to the altar.

Mitchell’s brother and Chief of Police, Evan Riverton, has been focused on his whirlwind romance with Ginger Monroe. Now, with a child on the way and a wedding of their own in the works, keeping Ginger safe will be anything but a simple task.

The double wedding of the Riverton brothers has the town of Riverton Crossing preparing for the biggest social event it’s seen in years. While the ceremony may be private, the reception is a town street dance open to the public.

Can the Riverton brothers make it to the end of the aisle where their loves await, or will the reception turn from a happy occasion into an unwanted disaster?

Find out if Riverton Crossing can come away unscathed, yet again, when an Unexpected Guest shows up.






“What do you want, darlin’?”

“Oral sex by the door.” Ginger pointed to the door that opened to the river.

“You read my mind.”

“With a twist…” She let the words die as she peeked under her eyelashes.

Evan cocked a brow. “Really? What kind of twist?” he asked as he took off her shoes.

Ginger’s face was flushed. “Well, um, I read this book called Seducing Cinderella by Gina Maxwell, and there’s this scene I’ve always wanted to try.”

“I’m listening,” he said.

Her cheeks were pink, but her gaze remained on the floor. “I want to give you a blow job, but I want your hands on the doorjamb,” she quietly said.

“So you don’t want me to touch you?”

She shook her head. “No.”

Evan placed a finger under her chin and tilted her head up. “Why won’t you look at me? Are you embarrassed?”

She shrugged. “I’ve never told anyone what I want. No one has ever asked. You’re the first person who ever wanted to know.”

“I’ll agree on one condition.” He had her full attention. “You have to swallow every drop. And then I’m going to taste you for the first time in weeks, and you’ll come on my tongue. Deal?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

As they moved toward the door, Evan removed his shirt then opened the door. “Grab a pillow off the sofa.”

Evan held Ginger around the waist and pulled her head to his. Their mouths met then opened to allow their tongues to meet in a ritual of love. Her bare back was to the river as his hands roamed up and down it. When she started to moan, he ended the kiss.

“On your knees, darlin’.” He guided her down to the pillow. Once she was comfortable, he unfastened his belt. She reached up to stop his hands before he opened the fly of his pants.

“Put your hands wherever you want them on the doorjamb. Let me do this.” Her eyes locked with his in a lustful gaze that made her pussy clinch. He moved his hands to the top of the door so to anyone who could see he appeared to be a man casually looking at the river.

Ginger lowered the zipper and opened his fly. She reached in and brought his cock front and center. With a lick of her tongue from root to tip, his body tensed, and the hiss that left his mouth caused her to look up. His jaw was locked and pulsing as his eyes watched her. She smiled as she opened her mouth to slowly take him inside never taking her eyes off him. “Fuuuck,” he growled.

Her eyes sparkled with desire as she glanced at his hands clenched tightly to the doorjamb. With him at her mercy, she rubbed the backs of his thighs up to his ass then slid her hands down until her fingers touched the backs of his balls before she lightly grazed them with her nails. Evan’s legs slightly bent then he repositioned his feet farther apart.

“Darlin’, we had a deal, but just remember, I haven’t had my turn yet. I can torture you just as much.”

The look in his eyes was pleasure and passion, so she wrapped a hand around the base of his cock and found her rhythm with her hand and mouth. Within seconds, warm shots hit the back of her throat.

“Oh shit,” he said with every thrust. When she’d sucked him dry, he released his arms, picked her up and kissed her all the way to their bed.

“I like the taste of me on you, but now I want to taste you,” he said as he laid her down. He kissed his way down her belly until he got to the apex of her legs. He placed her legs over his shoulders and opened her folds. When he saw how wet she was, he looked at her with a cocky smile. “I now understand why pink is Steven Tyler’s favorite color.”

Ginger’s mouth formed an O as his tongue lapped her clit. He slid his hands under her ass to tilt her toward him so he could fuck her with his tongue. Her fists were full of the sheet when she started to quiver, so he bit her clit with just enough pressure to send her over the edge.


Her whole body shook as her juices coated his tongue. He stayed right there leisurely licking and sucking until she calmed. When he looked up, her eyelids were heavy and a demure smile curved her lips. He kissed the inside of each thigh before he crawled up her body.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he whispered. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she opened her eyes. “Now taste you on me,” he said as he leaned down to kiss her.

“Mmmm,” she moaned.

Evan moved beside her and placed his hand on her belly. “Was that the twist you had in mind?”

“Yes, I do believe that took care of it quite nicely.” She giggled.





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About the Author


I’m Savannah Maris, a southern girl and hopeless romantic. I’m passionate about writing stories that incorporate southern charm with a little spice. Unwelcomed Greeting is my first book and the first book in the Riverton Crossing Series.

I grew up on a farm in a small town with a love of sports, dance, and music which will show up somewhere in my books. I’m a mother to two grown kids. When I’m not writing, my husband and I are attending a sporting event, travelling, or working.


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