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Today we have the blog tour for Angel Fire by Marie Johnston! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy now!

Title: Angel Fire

Author: Marie Johnston

Genre: Paranormal Romance

About Angel Fire:

He doesn’t have to like his new mate, even if she is the only angel to accept him.

Bryant should’ve behaved himself. Now he’s been ordered to find a mate. Easier said than done when a bloke like him looks the way he does in a realm full of angels. He’d rather be fighting the good fight in the human realm. But mating the ravishing female that claims him shouldn’t be a hardship. If only her father wasn’t the reason for his scars.

Perhaps mating the surly, scowling warrior wasn’t Odessa’s best idea. But she’s committed, and he’s…frustrating. Enticing. Carrying a grudge she knows nothing about. Yet, when her boss winds up dead and she’s attacked, he’s there to save her.

Digging into the danger Odessa’s facing uncovers an ambitious plot against the realm. Good thing Bryant’s a persistent guy. He’ll stick to Odessa’s side and keep her safe, all so he can let her go in the end. Because one thing he’s learned about the down to earth angel is that she deserves better than him.

Except Odessa doesn’t want to be rid of the loyal warrior. But that’s an argument for a day when someone’s not trying to kill them.

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Odessa traced his scars, her fingers whispering over the raised planes. Could he feel anything? Was there any sensation left in the cindered nerve endings?

He stiffened, and she feared he’d pull away, but she continued and he remained still. Deftly, her fingertips stroked the uneven lines by his mouth, up to his cheek, and feathered along the scarred striations pulling at the corner of his eye.

“Is that why you don’t smile?” she murmured, her thumb stroking the injured corner of his mouth.

“What?” He sounded strangled, his body tight next to hers.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile.” She skimmed her thumb away from his lips.

“I can.” His breath tickled her. “But that side won’t move as much.”

“So that’s why you don’t. But you should.”

She continued her perusal, aware she was affecting him, but not knowing how. Finally, she reached his ear, outlining the withered ridges. He flinched, but froze at her censuring expression. His ear deserved the same attention as his face. Much of its shape was retained, though mottled and scarred like the other skin, it definitely had taken the brunt of the angel fire.

From his ear, she flitted her fingers around the back of his head. She searched for how far the ruined skin ran before normal healthy skin dominated, then caressed around to his jawbone and down his neck. Much of same wrecked skin ran under her touch, though not as severe as his face. Odessa lingered as the base of his throat, admiring the strength in the corded muscles of his neck. They flowed into a wide chest that could only be found on a warrior with hours of training and warring.

Pushing the shoulder of his robe out of the way revealed how shallow his breathing had become. She had a tiger cornered in a cage, one who didn’t know whether to bite the hand petting him or bare his belly for her stroking.

She knew what she wanted him to do.

Sliding a hand around the back of his head, she drew downward. The glow of disbelief in his face before her lips touched his almost made her grin.

Odessa took charge of the kiss, licking and tasting. If her sister wasn’t in the other room, she might finally have this male.

His wings hugged her closer, then he suddenly drew back.

They’d been having a wonderful connection. She gazed at him through her lashes to cover her confusion.

He tenderly unfolded her from his embrace. Another contradiction to why he’d stopped. Tucking his wings behind him when he stood, he held his hand out to help her rise.





About Marie Johnston:

Marie Johnston is an award-winning writer of paranormal and contemporary romance, and a RITA® Finalist. Marie decided to pursue her passion for writing and traded in her lab coat for a laptop to write her first book ever, Fever Claim. She lives in the upper Midwest with her husband, four kids, and two kittens. Other than hanging out with her family, Marie enjoys reading, movie dates with her hubby, getting outside on sunny days, and the all too rare – girls’ night out.

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  1. I love the cover and the synopsis and excerpt are intriguing. This sounds like an exciting read.

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