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Silth’s Song

Her Alien Embrace #1

by Claire Marta







Cover designer – Indigo Hearts

Release date 10th May

Preorder –


#scifi #fantasy #alienromance






Silth is a Seirênes warrior. Her life has existed around space battles, and a ragtag fleet of all that’s left of her people after a war set them adrift. Knocked off course with a damaged ship, the last thing Silth needs is her heat cycle. As they orbit around the nearest planet, her crew scans for inhabitants. The humans are barbaric and primitive. Left with no other choice, Silth is ordered to the surface to mate or risk falling prey to her feral urges. She’s never needed a male before, let alone desired one. That is until she sees the pink-skinned human wandering beside the water’s edge.


After his career in black ops ended in ashes, Noah lives a quiet life far out of town. That all changes when he discovers a mermaid living in his lake. Captivating and alluring, Silth is like no one he’s ever met before. Her blue scales are soft to the touch, and her voice is enthralling. With an innocence he can’t ignore, she soon has his protective instincts rising, even if all she seems to be after is his body.


As Silth and Noah grow close, duty and longing clash within her. The waters of this new world call to her just as Noah awakens a song in her heart. But when Silth discovers she isn’t the only alien who’s arrived on the planet, she’s left with no choice but to expose the secret that she’s from the stars. Realizing the slender blue scaled beauty isn’t what he believed, Noah finds himself flung into danger. Working together, they must do everything they can to stop a deadly extra-terrestrial predator, which threatens the very existence of everyone on the planet, before it’s too late.







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