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In a world that doubts his innocence, who will dare to believe?





Chained By Conviction

by R.M. Demeester



Genre: Psychological Thriller





The community is outraged when Robert Hall, a philanthropist and devoted family man, is murdered by Kobe, a stranger.

Among the chaos, Elle, Kobe’s fiancée, is certain of two things: Kobe loves her, and he did not kill Robert. But as the weight of circumstantial evidence swallows Kobe whole, Elle vows to exonerate him at any cost. Yet, in a world that doubts his innocence, who will dare to believe?

An online sleuth, claiming to be a former co-worker, steps forward with a burning disdain for Robert, sharing a common goal to expose the real truth behind his façade. But can Elle truly trust them?

Elle struggles with a haunting question: If Kobe is truly innocent, who else wanted Robert dead? And just how far is Elle willing to go for the man she loves?




As lunchtime approached, I yearned for a moment alone with Mallory, a chance to break free from the constraints of secrecy. I tried to remind myself of the potential consequences for my family and my carefully cultivated reputation, but as usual, I pushed it away. The desire to be with Mallory openly tugged at my heart.


“There you are, Robert.” Mallory’s smile was sharp and alluring, as she lightly knocked on the frame of my open door and leaned against it. She smoothed her blouse with nonchalant grace, but as she arched her back, her fantastic breasts were accentuated even more, seemingly just for me. “I thought you might’ve been devoured by your paperwork.”


A tight smile tugged at my lips, but I tried not to look up, not to stare at her like some horny monster, which almost made me chuckle. “Mallory, the paperwork is a relentless monster, as you know.”


Secluded in a remote corner, the universe condensed to a single table designed for quiet, conspiratorial exchanges. Our conversation pirouetted delicately between professional subjects and charged glances, steeped in unsaid thirsts.


“Robert,” she began, her gaze unyielding as it burrowed into mine. She closed the door with the back of her heel and approached my desk, twirling a blond curl around her index finger. “Do you ever ponder if we’re truly walking the right path?”


I faltered, my heart clattering against my rib cage. “That thought… it crosses my mind too, baby.” Her timing was unnerving, forcing me to confront emotions I’d rather bury. “But we have responsibilities. Families, children… they trust us.” The thought of my children became an unexpected lifeline against her insistent, seductive pull.


Yet Mallory was relentless. She laid her hand on mine and leaned over my desk, giving me a full view down her blouse, a daring move that heightened the tension. “Don’t you get tired, Robert? Of always wearing a mask; never fully satisfied? Is this the life we want to keep leading… that you want to keep leading?”


Her touch sent a jolt through me, igniting a storm of conflicting desires. If only Alice could meet my needs, rekindle the passion that once was. But Mallory… she understood the depth of my unmet desires. And it was inevitable. She’d soon demand more. Each word of hers fanned the flame, but I knew I had to remain focused, to hold on to our precarious arrangement.


“We need to bide our time, Mallory.” The sentence was a plea. A secret affair with my secretary must remain just that.
A secret.





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R.M. Demeester lives in Saskatchewan, Canada. She is the mother of three young children, and owner of a rescue dog, a chocolate lab, Gainer. R.M. Demeester has been writing for as long as she could hold a pencil.


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